Eurythmy is the art of movement founded on anthroposophical thought.

Conceived on the basis of precise indications provided by Rudolf Steiner between 1912 and 1921, eurythmy was born as a stage art, immediately finding application in the pedagogical field, and, within the anthroposophical medicine, in the therapeutic field.

The aims of Eurythmic Art are to restore and preserve the inner balance through the gesture and movement permeated by the animic activity of man.

In the current era in which the triumph of technology, which has reached its extreme consequences, has weighed down human movement, making it more dense and automatic, alienated from the life of the soul, eurythmy aims to cure and perpetuate this important connection between inner life and movement.

Eurythmy is a word or song that becomes visible, as Rudolf Steiner himself said, because, through it, the world of sounds and language become manifest in space through the force of the harmonic movement permeated with awareness.

The awakening of an inner listening and sight is therefore of great importance in this discipline, where phonetic elements of singing, instrumental music or the art of speech are perceived inwardly and recreated in space through gesture.

The eurythmic gesture thus invests the whole human being, because the whole organism participates in the production of sound, accompanying its resonance in space with movement..

In the more specific field of curative eurythmy, there are numerous pathologies that can benefit from the application of this discipline to therapeutics: digestive disorders, pathologies resulting from postural imbalances, joint pathologies on an arthritic or inflammatory basis, neurodermatitis, hypertension or hypotension and all physical or mental imbalances due to a lack or exhaustion of man's vital forces.

Through its exercises, eurythmy has the opportunity to bring back the movement in the parts of our being that have become rigid and not very vital, that have lost the agreement with a healthy inner rhythm.

Therapeutic eurythmy is therefore an important treatment tool in the anthroposophically broadened medical approach.

Life, as Rudolf Steiner suggested, relies on rhythm.