“...That which wishes to manifest through the body, soul and spirit can find expression through eurythmy”." 


Eurythmy is an art of movement developed by Rudolf Steiner at the beginning of the last century.

The origins of the word is Greek and it means good rhythm and harmony in general.

In eurythmy the fundamental elements of language and music are made visible with corresponding gestures and movement. 

Eurythmy with its links to the world of words and music, is effective in two different fields; that of hygiene and therapy. In these two fields there is a precise knowledge and experience of the quality of language, of words and of sounds.
Vowels, consonants and musical notes are correlated to the being and the form of the human being. 

Curative eurythmy translates into movement what is impressed in the organs; that is, movements are done which can harmonize the sick organ and help to re-establish balance.

Exercises are done to stimulate the renovating processes of the organism and to contrast any pathological tendencies.