Painting and sculpture

"True works of art are a manifestation of the higher laws of nature."
 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

In the attempt of the organism to re-establish lost balance, which is the equivalent of disease, art can play a very important role.

It is one of the oldest means of helping man to find harmony once again and to relieve him from the weight of matter.

Artistic activities help to make the use of the senses more qualitatively alive and to favour creativity by giving freedom of expression to the emotional sphere and thereby finding inner balance..

Our senses, through which perception of the outer world reaches our inner selves, are often troubled by the violence and unpleasantness of images of today’s way of life.

Working artistically signifies stimulating the imagination and hidden creativity in every human being in order to help him/her discover the spiritual dimension within and to rise above the ever more desolating daily problems.