Hydro-Colon Therapy (HCT)

HCT is a very old treatment which has been developed and perfected.
It consists of washing out the large intestine from the rectum to the ileum
HCT is a great help in abdominal swelling with flatulence, in colitis, in headaches of metabolic origin, bad breath, diseases of the skin and in all kinds of intoxication deriving from food or pharmaceuticals.

A suitable diet prior to and following HCT helps the regeneration of the intestinal flora which is often effected by unhealthy eating habits, constipation and intestinal parasites.
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To carry out HCT correctly it is important to prepare the intestine with an adequate diet. A bland, saline purge is taken two days before treatment.
Application consists in the introduction of a mono-use rectal entry and exit tube attached to an HCT apparatus which permits regulation of pressure, speed and temperature and checking of what is expelled. The application, which is carried out by a professional nurse specialized in this technique, lasts about 45 minutes and the large intestine is washed out with about 50 litres of tepid water (36°-37°). During this time the nurse delicately massages the abdomen in order to facilitate the procedure.
After application the patient rests for 30-60 minutes keeping his/her abdomen warm, sipping herb teas and keeping to the post hydro colon diet. It is advisable to wear a comfortable track suit and warm socks during the application.