Neural therapy is based on the therapeutic use of procaine, a local anaesthetic with antalgic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Its reconditioning effect allows it to be used primarily in all painful disorders of the musculoskeletal system, but more generally, in all circumstances where there is a long-term irritative stimulus that alters the physiological balance of the human body.

Through local application by injection, this method acts by interrupting the transmission of aberrant information by the nervous system, causing a reprogramming of the normal functioning of the tissues and channelling the body towards healing.

The field of application of neural therapy is very broad, and it can effectively influence various pathological conditions such as chronic headaches, neuralgia, vegetative dystonia, spinal pain and various forms of rheumatic-arthritic conditions. It is a simple outpatient method and can act quickly and effectively.

The aim of neural therapy, practised by qualified and dedicated staff, is to enable the sick organism to recompose its disturbed order by itself and recover lost harmony.