Steam Baths and Kneipp

The skin is cleansed more thoroughly than in the common domestic bath. 

The steamed comes from below upwards, the pores dilate and toxins are then expelled in intense perspiration.

It is like a sort of vascular gymnastics which decongests and reactivates the digestive and respiratory systems, thus helping drainage of all the organs.

Steam baths in cabins as used in Casa Raphael are preventative treatment as well as being regenerating and activating one’s metabolism

Steam baths were used in Hippocratic medicine and were further developed in Roman Spas, then becoming part of Islamic hygienic tradition with the Turkish bath.

Hot baths or steam baths were further perfected by Abbot Kneipp

Kneipp Therapy

Hot water (37/38°C) and cold water (12/18°C) is sprayed alternately on the lower legs, from the knees down.

This lasts about 5 minutes and is followed by a walk of a further 5 to 10 minutes to stimulate the foot soles.