Casa Raphael is a therapeutic centre where you can take your health seriously

The singularity of its arsenic-ferrous waters, the quality of the organic food, of the medicinal herbs, of the natural medicines and of the numerous therapies are the best prerequisites for regenerative therapy.

Patients are treated according to the methods of classic medicine, homeopathy, phyto-therapy, and above all medicine in the wider sense of anthroposophy

The cycles of treatment are particularly recommended in cases of :

  • psycho-physical depression,
  • in convalescence and in states of organic debilitation,
  • cancerous diseases (especially post chemo or radio-therapy),
  • leukaemia,
  • multiple sclerosis, 
  • anaemia,
  • hyper-thyroid disease,

  • arthritis,
  • eczema,
  • bronchial asthma,
  • psoriasis,
  • chronic bronchitis,
  • pneumonia,
  • immune deficiencies,
  • chronic hepatitis
  • eating disorders

Here's an example of how guests spend their days at Casa Raphael.

With the first medical examination an individualized course of treatment is agreed with the doctor

In the morning guests can get a hot compress in the room and, after breakfast, Kneipp hydrotherapy and theraml baths (ineral, herbal, steam, in oil dispersion) followed by 40 minutes of reaction and rest . Inahlations, aerosol and nasal showers are held in the morning, as well as wraps, numerous external applications (medicate, hot, cold, etc), intravenous therapy, ozone therapy and hyperthermia.

After lunch, usually around 14.00, a yarrow wrap on the liver is brought into the room; it aids digestion and rest.

In the afternoon, after 15.00, those who follow a course of treatment will benefit from massage therapy or physiotherapy, or art therapy (individual or group) as eurythmy, painting, drawing and modeling of form. 

In the evening it is possible to partecipate to different happenings like meetings with the cook, with the doctor, concerts, choral singing and traditional dancing.