Reastaurant 'Il Glicine'

Casa Raphael offers its customers a healthy and tasty cuisine, made of organic  and 0 km ingredients.

Tasty classic, vegetarian and vegan menus, suitable for all types of intolerance.

Enjoying food

The idea of “bon apetit” here is still taken literally, thus lunch and dinner go by in a pleasant and tranquil atmosphere.

The experienced staff takes care of each guest with delicacy, in this spectacular dining room, decorated with fine stuccoes.
A healthy and tasty cuisine

Casa Raphael gives special attention to food: all ingredients are fresh and come from biological and biodynamic gardens.

For Gianni Aste, the chef, the quality of food is much more important than the “choreographic impact” of dishes.
That is why he buys mainly from local farmers, those who care for their land and nature in general.

A Natural Diet as Therapy and Prevention

The immune system is stimulated by healthy food, whereas it is adversely effected by food containing toxic substances.

Casa Raphael offers all guests the opportunity both to treat problems to do with eating and to work on healthy, lasting preventive measures.

Maso Albio

Many of the products used in Casa Raphael kitchen come from here.

They are, therefore, fresh and genuinely biodynamic, however, it is sometimes necessary to supplement what can't be produced, according to the seasons in order to satisfy the needs of the kitchen.

Every Saturday afternoon, if the weather allows, Casa Raphael organizes a nice walk to Maso Albio