Thermal center

 “The water of Roncegno and Levico seems to have been prepared by some kindly spirit and certain forces can be found there in nature, which play a fundamental role in the human organism. In these thermal waters, the forces of both copper and iron are found in admirably balanced proportions with traces of arsenic on a broader base.”

Rudolf Steiner - Dornach 1920

The Arsenical-Ferruginous Water of Levico

 The particularly harmonic ratio of the elements, especially copper, iron and arsenic makes the Levico water an almost “universal remedy” able to restore a natural balance in many of modern man’s disturbances.

This also explains it’s very broad spectre of action which makes it a notable remedy in all those conditions of debilitation and depletion of life forces, as well as being very useful in convalescence, in chronic debilitating diseases, in immune deficiencies and disease due to allergies and stress

The source of the water is in Vetriolo at more than 1600 m above sea level in a cave at the end of a tunnel dug in vein of arsenopirite.

It is in particular, this transformation of pirite, caused by rain fall in collaboration with singular micro-organisms and the consequent dissolving of other minerals and metals present in the rocks to give origin to this valuable “composition” which is so unique.