We're very sorry to inform you that Casa Raphael will not be opening this year.
It was a painful but inevitable decision despite your requests to come to Roncegno.
What you would have found to welcome you at Casa Raphael would have been very different from what you have known in previous years. Current regulations would lead us to a cold and detached path where many of our therapeutic proposals could not have existed; where human warmth, closeness and personal care would have been just a bleak picture of what we have always offered you.
We will take advantage of this period of time to continue the renovation, fire prevention system regulation and improvement of the building to welcome you with renewed enthusiasm in March 2021.

For information and reservations you can find us, during office hours, by calling 0039 0461 772000 or by writing to mail.info@casaraphael.com.

Institute of accredited and authorized treatment as:
Medical center for rehabilitative physiokinesitherapy, recovery and functional rehabilitation | Thermal Establishment | Medical center for physical, hydrotherapeutic and dietary care

Spas & services

Casa Raphael follows the principles of anthroposophic, homeopathic and phytotherapeutic medicine of the European and international tradition.
The patients are followed by the same doctor throughout their stay until the discharge visit, and accompanied in a path that takes care of the well-being of the person in every aspect, through therapies, individual treatments and a personalized diet.
Casa Raphael is also a thermal center, thanks to the arsenical-ferruginous water of the source of Vetriolo, which stimulates the immune system and the rebalancing of vital forces.

Anthroposophic Medicine

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Rediscover your nature

Detachment from everyday life and the serenity of the place help regaining the inner self


January 2020

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