Maso Albio

The "maso" was the farmers ancient home in Trentino and South Tyrol, usually surrounded by meadows for mowing or grazing. 


This kind of farm was mainly inhabited from late autumn until late spring, in times when the peasant family was forced to descend to the valley with its livestock before they go up again to the pasture.

In the summer, then, the lawns were mowed and the hay produced was brought back to the valley in the winter using the sleds.

To ensure the daily supply of milk and eggs in the summer, in the farm were still kept goats and chickens, sometimes one or two cows

What is Maso Albio now?

Many of the products used in Casa Raphael kitchen come from here. 

They are, therefore, fresh and genuinely biodynamic, however, it is sometimes necessary to supplement what can't be produced, according to the seasons in order to satisfy the needs of the kitchen.

Every Saturday afternoon, if the weather allows, Casa Raphael organizes a nice walk to Maso Albio, a small 2 km long walk from the center of Roncegno.

It is a moment to get together and visit the vegetable and herbal garden that ends with a healthy and delicious snack!

The gardens of Maso Albio represent a very precise choice of quality by Casa Raphael.