The park

"Find moments of inner calm and in these moments learn to distinguish the essential from the nonessential."

R. Steiner

The hotel and park were designed and created as one unit at the end of the 19th century.

Here we can find precious trees, plenty of green spaces and a network of footpaths.

The ancien architects and gardeners were inspired by Art Nouveau, typical of the period the presence of some faciclities as the wooden pavilion, fountains and a wooden shed used for the shooting.

In the spa gardens several giant trees, as sequoia, provide shade and have been around since the very beginning! 

Many deciduous trees and flowerbeds, Caucasus spruce trees, ginkgos and maple trees completed the lush overall picture.

As the seasons change, lilac, hyacinths, hydrangeas, tulips and roses blossom and waft their sweet scent. 

Many different events take place in the park throughout the year, including concerts and of course the famous Officinal herbs festival.

The spa gardens are a wonderful meeting place for Roncegno’s residents, day trippers and holidaymakers. 

Sit in the park and let your eyes wander around, pondering, over beautiful flower beds, whose variety is always fascinating.