The Levico Spring - the water that heals.

 Christine Sutter

Springs are for the benefit of humanity: today they still represent, in many places an indispensable (re)source of water and a healthy foundation for life. In recent decades, countless springs have been lost due to controversial construction and agricultural measures, always aimed at economic exploitation and generating pollution, in a general lack of public interest.

In the past some Sources have received special attention: they have been visited by people from many places and venerated with fervor as places of worship and healing.

This knowledge of their qualities is today generally forgotten or, if known, considered a legend of the past. In many cases, it is also difficult to find out whether and how the springs and sources of water are still effective and are still hygienically suitable for human consumption.

People today are asking themselves new questions with changing interests. They are increasingly looking for places that are still regenerating nature. Realizing the refreshing and invigorating qualities of an unpolluted spring, wondering about the meaning and content of truth of the old legends and trying to know the wider contexts of these stories.

In order to satisfy these desires and to preserve and, where possible, expand the knowledge of particular springs, we report these springs and places with extraordinary waters to illustrate them from different points of view, with a particular interest in the places and waters known as therapeutic or sacred thermal springs.

Below we present the famous healing waters of Levico-Vetriolo in northern Italy.

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