Packages Hotel + Therapies

Packages “A” and “Forfait”

They are weekly packages that allow to have the most effective therapeutic response. The number of visits and interviews with the doctor, fixed in Package “A”, is adjusted to the needs of the guest in Package "Forfait"

We normally recomend our guest to arrive and live on Sundays, as those days are dedicated to medical examinations and the therapy department is on pause. Therapies are held from Monday to Saturday.

Short packages of 3 - 4 and 5 days 

Our proposals of short packages offer the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of Casa Raphael, to appreciate the cuisine and its special menus, to meet and rely on the hands of qualified health-care professionals. T

These short packages are not to be considered as a course of medical therapy or treatment for specific diseases. They are dedicated to those in need of a period of relax and regeneration, away from everyday life. 

The arrival can also take place during the week and therapies are held from Monday to Saturday. 

Waldorf Packages

They are weekly packages, reserved for teachers and employees (currently active or retired) in Waldorf kindergartens, schools and institutions. At the time of booking it will be necessary to present the relative documentation.